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Workout of the month (Variety – Intermediate Level)

Mat – Coccyx Curl with Roller Psoas Stretch with Roller Criss Cross – 2 sets of 8 – repeat 2X Cadillac – Rollback with Extension Around the World Hanging Up – 4 reps Step Barrel- Rollback With Extension V-Sit – 2 -3 reps Chair- Step Downs – 8 reps each side Lunges – 8 reps […]

The Intersection of Yoga & Pilates

Although much has been said about this topic, people I meet are always asking me which do I like better – yoga or Pilates? Of course I chose Pilates as my profession and I do prefer that method but I also believe that Pilates owes a great deal to yoga which came thousands of years […]

Beautiful fully equipped studio


Our studio uses Balanced Body pilates apparatus. Pleasant surroundings with a spectacular view. Free on-street parking. Client’s bathroom/changing space provided. Forgot your workout clothes? We have clean, comfortable loaners.

Tight Hamstrings – Exercises


Some clients and especially men have a pre-disposition to tight hamstrings. Almost everyone can achieve improvement. These exercises are ones that most clients can do successfully. Against the wall: Stand on slant board with heels against the wall. Slowly bend to flat back from the hip crease. 6” Roller: Marching and dead bug. Foot as […]

Tight Hamstrings – Evaluation


Check standing alignment. Weight should be placed between the front of the heel to the back of the ball of the foot. Standing with weight at the back of the heel with locked knees stresses hamstrings. Check sitting alignment: Cue client to keep seated weight on between the front and mid sitz bones. Recommend ergonomic […]

Tight Hamstrings – Reminders


Tight hamstrings are a very common complaint among many different kinds of clients – the super athletic to the sedentary. It is extremely important to keep the hamstrings long and supple. The muscle shortness can indicate not just overuse but the even more serious issue of an extremely tucked pelvis which can lead to low […]

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